Agastya is committed to spark creativity in education today so that students can be more enterprising and creative in the future lives. We all know knowledge drives our global economy. Students everywhere need to be prepared to think and reason. They need to be able to analyse problems, envision solutions, and collaborate with others. They must know how to harness technology to help them solve complex problems. And they must be introduced early on to key subject areas such as mathematics and science. Education is the essential ingredient that will prepare them for a changing future. New technologies will continue to transform the world in ways we cannot yet imagine. To survive and thrive in this knowledge-based economy, tomorrow's citizens must be equipped with necessary problem solving skills & tools.

Anveshana is one such platform where engineering students could collaborate with high school students to create innovative models to address real life problems.

The theme for 2023-24 is:  “SMART Future: Technology's Role in Sustaining the Five Elements”  ‘Five Elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire (Energy), and Space’

About Agastya

Agastya International Foundation, established in 1999, is dedicated to hands-on learning in underserved rural communities. This transformative initiative operates through various channels, including a Creativity Lab near Bangalore, 168 Mobile Labs, 85 Science Centers, 68 Lab on Bikes, 400+ Night Village School Centers, 105 Learning Innovation Buses (LIBs), and 6200+ Young Instructor Leaders across 24 states in India. The foundation comprises diverse advisors and members from fields like entrepreneurship, science, learning, philanthropy, and teaching. Agastya has directly impacted 25 million children and 300,000 teachers through its hands-on programs. These initiatives aim to foster curiosity, bridge learning gaps, enhance creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and provide quality learning opportunities to vulnerable children, complementing government efforts.

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